Collars UP

Ah, those limpy white thingies that flop around like albino stingrays on dry land. No. No. No. Let me be clear: there’s no middle ground. No gray area or iffyness. And definitely no half-mast flying. In the 19th century, any man over the age of twelve with some kind of monetary funds behind him would wear a shirt (preferably a poofy one) tied with a cravat and the collar worn UP. Even if he’d step outside for a second to check if it rained.  The exact reason remains a mystery, but given the varied knife arsenal in those days, it was likely to provide extra protection to the jugular.

back off or I'll hit you with my rosary
Collar up? Check. Cravat tied? Check. Rosary to ward off evil? Huh?
collars up kind a guy
If the collars-up-kinda-guy assumes the Dracula pose, he gets the girl. Or so this picture will have us believe.

And the Oscar for The Consistent Wearing of the Collar in Upward Position goes to:

01 emmett
Emmet! See the lovely olive cravat tied around the starched collar? And such great attention to detail: notice the carefully studied nonchalance of the French sash’s drape?  It would have made any young French aristocrat “tres envious.”



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