It’s a white tie affair I

How it all came to be:

11 Marius and Cosette meet
Marius and Cosette meet
01 Marius and Cosette
He brings her flowers
v & c
That’s her dad.
v intercepts letter from e
He’s the possessive type. He intercepts a letter from Marius delivered by Eponine…
v reads letter in agony
…and READS it, the snake
actually having a really bad day
Meanwhile, at the barricades, Marius is having a bad day….
meanwhile marius is on the barricades
….make that a really bad day
...and in comes Cosette's father...
Then Cosette’s dad comes marching in….
...and shows off his sharpshooter's skills
….and shows off his sharpshooter’s skills.
Marius unaware sings about his really bad day
Marius sings about his bad day
...then has a nap while his future father-in-law says a prayer
Then has a nap while Cosette’s dad says a prayer….
...a really long and emotional prayer that we an all hear
….a long and emotional prayer for us all to hear.
more fighting ensues
More fighting ensues….
everyone dies but for Cosette's dad and Marius
….and everybody dies, except Cosette’s dad who rescues a wounded Marius and thus erases his snake status
Marius is overcome by survivor's guilt
Back home, Marius suffers big time from survivor’s guilt….
but cosette is able to cheer him up
…but Cosette is able to cheer him up.
Marius proposes I
Marius proposes….
we assume cosette says yes
….we assume Cosette says “yes”
because we finally get close to the kiss we've been waiting for
….because we finally get the kiss we’ve been waiting for….
yup, there it is
Yup! There it is!
aaaand there's another one
plus an encore kiss at the opening of the wedding’s scene




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