Les Mis in pictures: I Dreamed a Dream/The Docks

Fantine is left to her own devices, which, luckily for us, still include a gorgeous voice. Kira’s performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” outclasses with ease Hathaway’s sob-sung rendition (the one with all the flying snot and tears.)

Now what is a poor girl to do without work? That’s right. She wonders off to the docks, where a lot of intense people are um…socializing.

01 sailors
Sailors Joshua and Michael are excited to feel dry land under their feet….
….and to go window shopping at the docks.



Lovely lady Nina sprawled out on the stairs….
02 lovelyladies
and taking on an alluring pose with her colleague Christy…
02 onlooking lovely ladies
while lovelies Juliana and Olivia keep an eye out for potential customers.
02 a pimp
William plays a very spirited pimp
who likes to use his cane as a pool cue sometimes
…and doles out free sales tips to his ladies.
02 pimp with two lovely ladies
He’s always on the lookout for “new bodies”
…while maintaining a thorough interest in his own ladies.
04 x
Lovely ladies Nina, Alysse, Hannah, Sarah and Christy show off their flexibility and other talents while the customers….yeah, have seen it all before.
3a Fantine looking on
As Nina is hauled off to work, Kira weighs her chances.
3b hair hog accosts fantine
A woman with problem hair is after Fantine’s locks, while Sarah, Hannah, Christy and Nina are earning a difficult living


Juliana tries to persuade a hesitant Kira (who sold her curls) to join the National Association of Lovely Ladies, because, hey! it’s money-making in your sleep. It makes Emmett want to sleep, too.
Fantine buys the company line, signs up and gets to channel Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are Forever. Nina looks on in disbelief. Damn the competition!
Not as glamorous a job as they said it would be.
Creepy guy in velvet wants to try something new…
…but Fantine won’t be had by a rat…
…and shows him who’s boss
The commotion attracts Javert (the guy with the chops from the opening scene)
Sam doesn’t believe in the “honest business” of the lovely ladies nor in their “it’s a free country” pandering
He shows off his massive chops…
…and notable profile
Then who pops up again? That’s right. Valjean, the mayor.
He acts like he knows Javert. From zoning committees? Anti-violence marches? We wonder.
But at least he seems to appreciate a hot blonde in a pretty corset. Really, what’s not to like?
But Fantine accuses him of being Mr. Two-Face. “Remember how you had me fired?”
…then swoons? faints? while he catches her, thus earning himself the nickname “The Muscles from Brussels” which is wrong because this isn’t Brussels. But close enough. It’s somewhere in Europe.




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