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Les Mis in pictures: Prologue

In the opening scene we meet Valjean, Javert, and a bunch of other criminals, all in various states of dilapidation or disarray.

After Valjean’s parole he discovers there’s no such thing as an easy living for an ex-con:

Luckily, there’s fine dining at the Bishop’s residence:

And who’s gonna miss a couple of silver cups? Who’s gonna stop him?

The French gendarmes, that’s who.


They cannot help but notice a bum making off with a bed sheet. It rattles…..

…and that’s never a good sign. They drag him back to the scene of the crime.
“Mais non!” says the bishop. “What he’s carrying is my gift to him. And he even forgot these candlesticks. And b.t.w. please let go of his hair before it separates from his scalp.”
The gendarmes are speechless. Their well-detailed uniforms speak for themselves, however. Magnifique!

Once again, Valjean’s set free.

8 close up
While we admire the detailed make-up and the henna-ed number….
…our lovable con swears to change his life….
…and rips up his parole letter. Hey, it’s a start! More a symbolic one than actual progress, but 19 years in a quarry banging on something metal don’t necessarily sharpen your reasoning skills.



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