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Les Mis in pictures: Master of the House/The Bargain

The slapstick humor and overall tone of drunken debauchery in Master of the House serve to break up the sadness and dread characterizing the first 40 minutes of the show. The scene provides us with much needed comedic relief. But it also provides a sharp contrast to the cruelty and dispassionate bargaining over Cosette which follows directly after.

I didn’t nearly get as many pictures of Thenardier as I liked to, mainly because my camera couldn’t capture his excited movements fast enough. He leaped on staged like a manic squirrel on steroids, showing off the unrelentingly nasty side of his character very clearly as well. With a mustache that could best be described as the love child of Salvador Dali and Little Richard, he easily captivated his audience. Both Josh and Lauren are hilariously grotesque as the cruel and greedy innkeepers.


The overdose of cheer and exuberance in this scene easily overwhelms, so we’re almost welcoming the sobering heartache of The Bargain.


Thenardier tries to fake emotional upset over Fantine’s death.


Still the stern stepfather…
…but when a wallet is in sight, how quickly he becomes a doting dad….



…nowhere near enough!


The Thenardiers cannot believe how little he’s willing to shell out for their free labor…
Gimme gimme gimme
Valjean’s final sneer to the Thenardiers comes close to swallowing his mustache…
We love this image. Sigh. A little barefoot orphan who’s being carried off to a happy home. Against the pink backdrop of a rising sun. Double sigh.

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