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Les Mis in pictures: The Letter/On my Own

Here’s Eponine opening the gate to the Valjean mansion to deliver a love letter from Marius to Cosette. If only someone had invented Snapchat two centuries earlier….
“I’ll take that, little boy,” says Valjean
Eponine is not amused. First of all, it’s obvious the man needs some kind of corrective eye wear. Boy? Oh, c’mon! From two feet away?
And second, she promised Marius to only give it to Cosette. Wait! Really? Why is she even the go-between? Can’t he deliver his own damn letters? Is it because she thinks if she makes Marius feel indebted to her, he may fall in love with her? Jeez! We thought she was street-smart.
Valjean promises her he’ll give the letter to Cosette. She believes him. Oow, ‘Ponine, you’re getting soft there, baby.

Because what’s the first thing he does when she walks away? That’s right! He opens the letter…

v reads letter in agony
…and READS it, the snake

Not cool, J.V., not cool at all. Though we understand that it’s a way to advance the plot of the story (the knowledge that your daughter is infatuated with a boy who’s about to put himself into grave danger makes you dash off to “save” him) but still, Snakey, honesty would’ve suited you better.

Eponine runs back to the barricades, and on the way reminisces about her love for Marius.

6 on my own
…how she can make-belief when it’s night and she’s alone…
But it’s a whole different story during day time. And then…she smiles a little. Does she realizes that it’s a hopeless case? We believe she does. And that she’s fine with it. Rah rah girl power! Now there’s the girl we all know and love. And who’s also the reason why every single girl in the dramaclub auditions for her role.
Also, I’m so sorry I cut off your lovely feet, Lauren. But you move a lot. I was just trying to keep up.

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