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Les Mis in Pictures: Every Day/A Heart Full of Love (Reprise)/the Wedding

Marius is still bogged down by remorse because he’s the only one of the students who survived. Who else can he march with? Who will make fun of him now? Who will understand his innermost secrets? Luckily, Cosette helps to remind him that they are in love and forever will be. Yes, but how does she know? And how long is forever? Is it very long? Marius continues to worry.

“Remember what we promised each other?”
“No, not that song again!” Marius thinks.
Cosette knows there’s nothing that a deep tissue massage can’t fix.
Just as papa Valjean comes shuffling near, Marius proposes. Valjean’s now left under the Ficus, like Eponine was before, to ponder his ownership of his daughter. Rats! He doesn’t even have that anymore. He ends the self-flagellation session with this perplexing gem: “Love is only for young people.” Whoa! Thank you for sharing, Mr. Mayor. Thus, nothing but damp hatred to look forward to for the rest of us over um…25?
While Marius and Cosette bask in the joy of their engagement, Valjean’s demeanor reflects worry. Does he already anticipates to hear the pitter patter of little Pontmercy feet ruining his costly parquet?
Unaware of her father’s forlorn thoughts, Cosette is ecstatic…
…and well on her way to star in the next episode of “Say Yes to the dress,” 1833 edition.

While Cosette dashes off, Valjean doesn’t waste a minute dumping his misery on Marius.

Way to ruin your future son-in-law’s fragile happiness!

Valjean wants to move far away, so no one will ever find him. Marius believes that’s a bit radical. Who would be looking for him now that Javert has bought the farm? “Why not get a nice condo in Florida, wear plaid pants pulled up all the way under your arm pits and play golf? Like the rest of all you disposable old people?”


Valjean thinks that’s absurd. “Are you mad, man? Plaid? On me? Do you have any idea what that does for my hips?”
“A nice black and white print, then?” pleads Marius.

Something with an elongated crotch to better accommodate a Depends? Trendy, yet comfortable.



Valjean gets so irate he looks ready to dislocate a recently relaxed shoulder. One man’s love for drop-crotch pants isn’t another’s, apparently. Let there be no confusion about Valjean’s intent. If the man has decided to disappear, disappear he will.

While pragmatic feminists may wonder who will pay for the wedding now, radical feminists will immediately point out the terrible offense committed against Cosette in this scene. Her fate is simply decided by two men. She doesn’t get to decide for herself whether she wants her father to stay, or whether she’d courageously accept the risk of disgrace if he’s exposed as the forever-on-the-run con.

True theater buffs would point out that it advances the plot and leads to a cathartic finale. With tons of tears. Also, it’s 19th century France. Shut up, bitches.

As for the wedding? You may admire the lovely couple here.




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